Leanna Cares

Is a foundation that focuses on children and women. Proving children and women with toiletry needs food and employment in our communities.

A non-profit organization dedicated to lending a helping hand to the orphaned, homeless and underprivileged women and children. Business Entrepreneur Lebogang Legodi founded Leanna cares in 2020 after seeing how women and children are abused and to also empower and uplift women to improve their lives.

The end goal is to help women improve their earnings, living conditions, confidence, appearance and to secure the future for their children.

Our Purpose

  • To help alleviate poverty in South Africa
  • To help offer a better education for the underprivileged women and children
  • To motivate and encourage women and children to work hard
  • To steer women and children towards entrepreneurship and financial independence
  • To empower women and children
  • To offer learning & employment opportunities to underprivileged women and children
  • To lend a helping hand to the less fortunate.

Contact us at cares@leanna.co.za

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