About Leanna

Founder and CEO of Leanna Lebogang Anna Legodi is a South African born entrepreneur, businesswoman, Fitness adventurous bunny, and Philanthropist. With one intense experience in the creative, content creator, marketing, sales, and media space.

In 2009 she enrolled with the University of Pretoria where she later finished her Bcom Marketing Management at the University of South Africa. She then went on to further her studies at the University of Cape Town studying Digital Marketing. Lebogang is on a journey to add an MBA qualification to her list of achievements.

Leanna is a formation of 2 names, Lebogang and Anna. Lebogang means Thankful, and Anna means Grace or Beautiful. These are names given to her at birth after her grandmother. Her grandmother was a highly creative woman who had a love for creation and people. She was a small businesswoman who grew agricultural produce in the rural of Limpopo and sold her produce in Johannesburg to support her kids and family.

Leanna was first launched in 2016, where it started off as an entity that sells bags and accessories for women. Leanna has since launched Leanna Water, Leanna Cares, Leanna Marketing, and Ali’s Tilers.